Friday, 21 June 2019

International Day of Yoga-2019

International Day of Yoga was celebrated by the Vidyalaya in three places- ITBP, Dipota Natya Mandir and Amiyo Das High School. Students and teachers of our school participated and guided the public and ITBP personnel present on the occasion. The school conducted a week-long  yoga session at Dipota Natyamandir from 15th to 21st June, 2019.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

World Environment Day-2019

The day was celebrated with various competitions for students to increase Eco-awareness. Self-composed poem writing competition was conducted for standard IV & V.  Students of class I, II & III participated in an Art competition . A debate competition on the topic of "Conservation of nature and development cannot go hand in had " was held for students class VI onward.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Personality Development Camp-2019

The Personality Development Camp – 2019 was inaugurated by respected principal of VKV, Tezpur Smt. Rupanjali Borthakur Didi. Didi delivered the welcome speech conveying the students about the importance of personality development.
The camp started with three omkaras followed by mangalacharan. The students were divided into ten ganas namely – Agnigarh, Mahabhairab, Rupkonwar, Kalaguru, Ganga, Saraswati, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Narmada, and Godawari, consisting of 6/7 members each. They practised some loosening exercises like Ankle Joint Stretch, Knee Joint Stretch, Front-Back-Side Bending, Spinal Twisting, Hand Rotation and Neck Rotation etc. followed by six rounds of Surya Namaskara guided by Mili Sharma, Karyakarta, Vivekananda Kendra, Tezpur. After that students were taught the SibirGeet. The resource person SriBhaskarBordoloi, Circle Officer, Indian Postal Department, gavelight on the topic “What is personality? Swami Vivekananda as a great personality.” Sir defined personality in a lucid way and taught the students how to build good personality with various examples and by adding the principles ofSwamiji. The role of teachers and elderly persons was also explained. It was followed by group discussion and presentation on “Leadership Quality” guided by Kishore Bhattacharya Sir, Sibir Pramukh. During the SamskaraVargaas, some team building games, naras were taught and one story was narrated. GeetAbhyas was guyided by respected Sangeeta Devi Didi, Primary In-charge, VKV, Tezpur. The first day of the day ended with Bhajan and Kendra Prarthana. Total nos. of participants were 57.
               On the second day of the PDC the students were taught the Pratahsmaran Mantra. The resource person respected principal of VKV, Tezpur Smt. Rupanjali Borthakur Didi illumined the students with her inspiring words on the leadership qualities of Mananeeya EknathjiRanade juxtaposing his works, contributions and his distinguished qualities. Didi made the session interesting by adding stories from the life of the great leader Mananeeya Eknathji to encourage the students to serve the society. Group discussion was conducted on the topic “Swachhata hi Sewa/Swachhata for healthy body and mind” guided by Bikash Boruah Sir. It was followed by similar activities in the similar way. Total nos. of participants were 61.

               On the third day of the PDC, students were taught the Karmayuga Slokas. The Sibir Pramukh of the camp Sri Kishore Bhattacharya Sir delivered his valuable words and suggestions on the need and importance of SamskaraVarga. Sir also explained the importance of Kahani, Khel and Geet in SamskaraVarga. The procedure of conducting the same was also explained and the students were encouraged to conduct SamskaraVarga in their localities. Group discussion was conducted on the topic “How baithak and planning help to continue SamskaraVarga?” guided by DimpimoniHazarikaDidi. Total nos. of attendees were 45.

               On the fourth day, the resource person Sri Prazapati Nandan Parasar, Assistant Teacher, VKV, Tezpur, enlightened the students with his valuable words on our culture and identity. He also explained the maxim “Unity in Diversity”. His motivational words on Bharatiya Samskriti helped the students for better understanding of the Indian historical & cultural heritage. Group discussion was conducted on the topic “Detailed planning of SamskaraVarga” guided by Dhrubajyoti Saikia Sir. The students were engaged in Srama Dana as a part of SamskaraVarga. Total nos. of participants were 50.

On the Samapan Samaroh of the PDC-2019, the principal of VKV, Tezpur Smt. RupanjaliBorthakurDidi conveyed her warm welcome to each and everyone for conducting the camp successfully. The chief guest GangaramBoro, retired employee, BSNL Ltd. &Saha Nagar Pramukh, VK, Tezpur spoke a few words on “Vivekananda Shila Smarak” emphasizing on the challenges encountered by Eknathji in giving immortality to the Shila Smarak. The programme ended with Kendra Prarthana.